About Scott

Scott Barnett creates tools and methods to support executives in adapting their businesses to changing customer demands and competitive threats. His insights from 30 years of marketing research, product management, marketing and sales management, consulting, and entrepreneurship are embedded in the 7-step Profiting from Foresight method that increases: focus on productive activities; innovative impact on customers; accountability; and, profits.

Customers are switching loyalty to businesses that empower them to take control of costs, variety, delivery, speed, customization, payment, mobility, etc.  Scott has found it crucial for businesses to anticipate technological progress, and to foresee how to enhance their capabilities to profitably empower increasingly demanding customers. His long-term record of successful ventures and launches proves the method’s power to help a team expand its vision of what is possible, and develop purposeful plans of action to meet new demands.

Scott has worked for, and advised, businesses ranging in size from Fortune 500 to startups.  One of his notable achievements was turning around a technology company that was near bankruptcy to become the most profitable in its sector. The strategies that saved this company were unconventional, but successful, due to foresight about attractive growth paths that were emerging. Scott’s foresight method identifies missing pieces of the puzzle to add new capability, bridge into new markets, and reduce the risk of innovation.  

Scott graduated from the business program at Miami University, Oxford, OH, and he has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  He and his family reside in the Chicago metro area. 


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