Learn How to Drive Innovation with Clarity, Consistency and Certainty  

  • Do you have clarity concerning where you should invest your time and resources?
  • Do you have a consistent process to originate products and services customers love? 
  • Do you have certainty about the likely success of your new projects and ventures?

If not, this is the book for you.

Disruptive growth opportunities are emerging, rewarding companies using proven methods to originate new projects and ventures.  Without a reliable method to foresee the emerging future, however, even best efforts will likely result in limited achievements.  The danger in this situation is the risk of falling short of customer and investor expectations for high performance.

No business is immune to changing market conditions.  The technological pace is racing ahead, affecting how we interact with one another, how we work, where we work, and even why we work. Technology will influence where we live, how we relate, govern, trade/commerce, how long we live, our laws, our global community, and our environment.

Foresight into these issues is where great opportunity lies.  We can address them with innovation, increased capabilities, and new business models, using technology to get closer to customers.  And while technology plays a critical role in product innovation, often it’s in conjunction with business model change, new revenue models, and new delivery methods.   It is essential to make the right kinds of innovations and develop the right kind of capabilities, and this only happens if you have foresight.




My book equips you with a proven 7-step method utilizing foresight to discover growth paths through changing market terrains.  You will learn how to:

  • Discover telltale events that will shape future demand in your markets
  • Foster a culture that encourages open exchange of facts, data, and insights
  • Organize for success, distinguishing between disruptive and incremental innovation
  • Determine if a trend is worth pursuing
  • Rapidly screen ideas for maximum selectivity and best odds for success
  • Adapt to new market behaviors and power structures
  • Easily calculate risks and rewards
  • Make a successful launch, and more. 

What moves will significantly increase your ability to adapt and thrive?   If you don’t yet know the answers to this question, Profiting from Foresight will guide you to them. To learn more about the method and how it can help your business reach the next level, please call or email me. I offer services to train teams and customize implementation.

Innovation applies to more than products.  Your entire business model - from customer-facing processes like sales to internal facing processes like supply chain - can be targeted for progress.  Your markets served; value propositions; marketing approaches; revenue models; channels; branding; vision; and, organizational structures - all offer possibilities to change the competitive equation in your favor.

Why delay? Now is the time to make foresightful moves to ensure your profitable future. 

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